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We would like to invite you to experience regulatory extraneous virus testing at Viral Science Inc. Our personalized customer service is here to eliminate any guess work and help you determine the testing you will need. We are accepting samples for viral compliance testing for Bovine, Porcine, Equine, Caprine, Ovine, Lapine, Canine, and Feline species analysis. We are currently performing USDA/APHIS 113.46, 113.47, 113.51, 113.52, 113.53, and 113.55, and European Pharmacopeia EMA/CHMP/BWP/457920/2012 rev 1, CPMP BWP 17903 02, and CVMP 743 00-Rev 2 regulatory requirements.

Viral Science Inc. is a new name, but give us a call and you will find we are the same people many of you have been working with for years. Our staff brings over 57 years of experience in viral compliance testing to the new company. We are an owner operated company focused on customer service with the ability to work directly with individual customers so we can anticipate and quickly adapt to new regulatory changes as they develop. Quality Assurance is maintained and fully traceable with all our protocols in accordance with 21CFR (GLP). And we are always available to assist with USDA and EP testing audits. We have built our new company from the ground up specifically for virus compliance testing addressing operations, documentation, QA, employees, and facilities. Our goal is to set the gold standard for infectivity compliance testing in the industry.

• All testing performed by 21st Code of Federal Regulation (GLP)sub- part B 58.29-35.
• Controlled sample submission and testing designation
• Controlled traceable documentation system
• OIE/ICH recommendation Procedure Validations
• Fully traceable qualified cell lines
• Fully traceable qualified virus stocks
• Full employee training records
• Testing Records Retention

If your current testing facilities can’t provide you with this documentation, call us, we can!

Viral Science would like to thank The International Serum Industry Association for all of their continuing work to strengthen quality in the serum industry and the opportunity to attend the 8th Annual Meeting in Bethesda. In our industry it is critical to stay informed so we can anticipate changes before they become regulation. From information through the ongoing efforts of the ISIA to open dialogue and understanding in the international arena it allows all of us at Viral Science, Inc. to be aware of upcoming changes that would allow us to stay proactive with current regulatory changes that could otherwise delay our customer’s needs. We are very appreciative of the work done by the ISIA and look forward to a long affiliation with the International Serum Industry Association.

 Dirk Wischmeier
 President/Owner/Director of Viral Studies