The History of Viral Science, Inc.

Viral Science, Inc. as a company name has a very short history. We incorporated in July of 2011, and opened our doors for testing in late November of 2011, but our history in the industry goes back over 27 years.

The history and successful operations of Viral Science Inc. goes back over 27 years to the two people that are still known for setting the gold standard in virus testing, John and Patricia(Pat) Black. In the 1970ís and 1980ís, John was employed by USDA working in the area of veterinary virology regulation. John realized the need for a facility that could perform reliable and rapid virus testing so, in 1985, John and his wife Pat opened American BioResearch in Milton, Tennessee and started extraneous virus testing of animal origin products, virus stocks, and cell stocks as well as other diagnostic products. Because of his previous working relationships with USDA and several prominent corporations in the biotech community, American BioResearch was able to provide rapid reliable testing at a reasonable price with personalized customer service. Customers responded favorably to this business ethic and American BioResearch was very successful over the following years. By the time American BioResearch sold in 2006, the company had expanded to new facilities in Sevierville, Tennessee and was operating with 5 full time employees.
John and Pat sold American BioResearch Inc. in 2006 to a Pullman, WA based company. Dirk Wischmeier was working for the Washington company at that time, and was assigned the position of Study Director with the task to go back and work with John in facilitating the breakdown and transfer of the company to the new Pullman, WA location. Dirk had worked with John Black in establishing virology and immunology procedures since 1995, so Dirk was uniquely qualified to provide the knowledge necessary for the operations of the virology compliance testing company at the new location. Dirk Wischmeier became the Study Director at the new location in 2006 and picked up where John Black left off. Because of the close working relationship Dirk had with John for so many years, the transition of confidence from the customerís perspective was smooth and relationships remained strong. We feel very strongly about this business model so this philosophy is proudly continued at Viral Science Inc. today.

Documentation and procedural requirements are constantly maintained to satisfy national and international regulatory requirements in the industry. Quality testing and customer service were the commitment and strength of American BioResearch when John Black started the company in 1985, and we are committed to maintain that standard at Viral Science Inc. today and into the future. We may be a new name, but all the testing is being performed by the exact same people customers have been trusting for over 7 years. And we look forward to providing the same reliable services in the future at Viral Science, Inc.
Unfortunately, and with a lot of sadness, John passed away in the summer of 2006 and did not get to see the continued legacy of his company. We will always remember the work and commitment that John and Pat maintained over the years and with the opening of Viral Science Inc. we are committed to maintain these high standards in the future.
New Company Name! But the same experienced people providing the same reliable testing many of you have trusted for years.
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